Breaking New Ground

Greetings! We have a lot of updates to get to, so I’ll jump right in:

The bad news is that we missed the June 10 deadline on our development roadmap, but the good news is that we’re using the time to implement a ton of new features and beef up the stability. We’ve improved the reliability of the bookmark syncing on the Mac and Windows clients, while the Linux client is now matched to the very latest WINE code.

I’ve been talking with a few of our enterprise customers who are participating in our “early bird” program and the reception has been phenomenal! Several of them have told me they don’t know how their businesses have survived this long without Huntr. Even though we aren’t accepting any new early birds, there have been enough inquiries that Caroline, one of our marketing analysts, expects us to reach our target market penetration within days of the 1.0 release.

All in all, data collected from our latest battery of focus groups is starting to reveal one thing: the history of the web will be divided into before and after the release of Huntr. Until then, keep checking here for updates because the entire company, from the coding gurus to the finance team, is working nonstop to make this thing as huge of a success as you, the users, have told us it can be.


Thad – Senior VP of Development


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Latest Nightly Seeded to Devs

Hey all you bug testers out there, start your engines because the lastest nightly (0.8.14 RC Final) has been blessed and is ready for download through SVN. There are a number of bugfixes in this release, including the dreaded memory leak that popped up a few versions back, and we made the switch to the new, more solid API, so all you extension writers be sure to check compatibility. It was a rocky transition, but we’re confident that the new stability will be appreciated in production environments.

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Huntr Almost Ready For Prime-Time

logoWelcome to the official blog for Huntr, the hot new venture capital-funded social networking startup for Web 2.0. There’s been a lot of buzz around Huntr HQ lately as we get ready to move out of beta and then really start rockin’ and rollin’. We are all just so excited because we know Huntr has a lot of great things to offer its users, including a sexy AJAX interface, sortable metadata, and a speedy backend powered by Ruby-on-Rails to keep it all humming along. If you’re new to Huntr (or just heard about us from Digg) sign up for an invite to our private beta and check out the latest version of our offline client program. Anyhow, I have to get back to coding before Kim (that’s our lovable Chief Financial Officer) catches me writing blog posts!

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