Q: What *is* Huntr?

A: Huntr is a game-changing revolution that promises to reinvent the way we access the Web and interact with our friends and colleagues forever! Visualize information backflow! Make the Web work for YOU!

Q: How can I join the private beta and become one of the thousands of users whose digital lives are already just beginning?

A: We have a very limited number of invitations, but we’ve given many of them out to influential bloggers to build up buzz and pass around to deserving potential users. Be sure to ask around in the comments of blogs of record, such as boingboing, gizmodo, lifehacker and others.

Q: I got my invite, now where can I download the client?

A: Simple! Just stop by our downloads page and select the client for your operating system.

Q: I’m already a user and an awesome programmer and I would like to add some feature to the client program. How do I do that?

A: W00t! We love it when the community pitches in. Just submit your changes to the source and we’ll give them to our programming wizards who will decide whether it makes the cut.

Q: I’m a user, but I can’t program! How can I help?!

A: Just because you’re not a programmer doesn’t mean you can’t help us improve! Just use the client like you normally would and, if you come across any bugs, submit a report to the bugtracker!

Q: I want to be a part of the revolution! Is Huntr hiring?

A: Yes! We’re always looking for talented individuals with a passion for creative thinking. If you live in the Bay Area or are open to relocating to Huntr HQ, send your resume, along with 500 words or less describing what you can bring to the team, to Gwen, our Director of Human Resources.


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